custom wholesale green products

Green is a term widely used to describe goods produced with minimal negative impact to the environment and with an emphasis on conserving resources, energy, and the health of people and planet.

The fact is, no product has zero impact on our natural world. Evaluating the relative “greenness” of different products and materials can be a complicated — even controversial — process. We continually face trade-offs between various environmental impacts.

Our approach is to offer the best available alternatives and provide you with the information you need to make the most informed and responsible purchase decision — whether it’s a conventional item or a cutting-edge eco product.

We research products and suppliers for the following criteria:

> Sustainability — Products made with a high percentage of eco-friendly materials such as recycled, reclaimed, or natural components; bioplastics or degradables; or organic fabrics like cotton, bamboo, hemp or soy.

> Locality — Product is from a local or regional source, limiting shipping costs and impacts. Whenever possible, we offer USA-made alternatives.

> Life Cycle Analysis — Product is durable and highly reusable, or it can be recycled or will biodegrade over a reasonable period at the end of its useful life.

> Socially responsibility — Product is from a supplier with a formal commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade labor practices, or one who is actively working to improve environmental and labor practices.

> Health & Safety — Product and printing processes are environmentally preferable and comply with the most stringent safe drinking water and toxic enforcement standards. We screen products and printing inks for potentially harmful chemicals and components like BPA, Phthalates, Cadmium, Mercury, Lead and other heavy metals. We vet factories for safe, closed-loop manufacturing operations. Our policies protect our clients — and the end users of our products — from potential health risks, and keep unnecessary toxic chemicals out of our environment.

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