domestically sourced products

At Eco Imprints, our mission is to make great-looking and affordable custom merchandise and apparel that meets the highest standards for health, safety, sustainability, style and quality.

While we have made it a priority to offer a great mix of products manufactured and printed in the USA, we have found that the reality of operating competitively in today’s global marketplace has made it difficult to produce all products domestically. Like every major U.S. promotional product supplier, many of our products are manufactured abroad, but screen printed in the USA.

Options for USA Made Products

If you want 100% USA-made alternatives, we understand and can help. We have relationships with many domestic manufacturing partners and can offer a range of products and apparel items are made and printed in America. If this is an important criteria for you, please just let us know and we’ll advise of best USA-made options available for the type of products you need.

Steps We’re Taking To Operate Responsibly

All of us have a vested interest in doing what we can to support job creation and manufacturing growth in America. We continue to advance this issue with our suppliers, and are working to provide more USA-made options to our customers. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to improve the system with the policies we establish and the choices we make.

On the manufacturing side, we vet our factories, maintain a tight supply chain, have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct, and institute product testing programs to assure social, environmental and safety compliance. Any imported goods are packaged and transported as efficiently as possible to minimize carbon emissions. We are able to support domestic employment and economic activity by operating from San Francisco and managing pre-production and printing at regional factories throughout the United States.

We hope to continually improve our performance and maintain your confidence and trust. We welcome your questions and feedback on how we are addressing this important issue.

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